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Anticipated DREAM Votes

NumbersUSA has released a list of which senators are expected to vote yes, no, or are on the fence about the DREAM Act. By their count, there are 38 “no” votes, 49 “yes” votes, and 13 undecideds. Here’s the list of swing votes; below the jump you can find the list of “yes” and “no” votes. The “last time” refers to this 2007 vote.

Swing Votes

      1.     Baucus–voted no last time; statements indicate leaning no

      2.     Brownback–voted yes last time

      3.     Collins–voted yes last time

      4.     Conrad–voted no last time, up in 2012

      5.     Dorgan–voted no last time

      6.     Graham–voted no last time

      7.     Hagan–said in the past she does not support

      8.     Landrieu–voted no last time

      9.     Manchin

      10.   McCaskill–voted no last time, up in 2012

      11.   Murkowski–voted no last time

      12.  Snowe–voted yes last time, but up in 2012

      13.  Stabenow–voted yes last time, but up in 2012


No Votes

      1.     Alexander

      2.     Barrasso

      3.     Bond

      4.     Brown (MA)

      5.     Bunning

      6.     Burr

      7.     Chambliss

      8.     Coburn

      9.     Cochran

      10.  Corker

      11.  Cornyn

      12.  Crapo

      13.  DeMint

      14.  Ensign

      15.  Enzi

      16.  Grassley

      17.  Gregg

      18.  Hatch

      19.  Hutchison

      20.  Inhofe

      21.  Isakson

      22.  Johanns

      23.  Kirk

      24.  Kyl

      25.  LeMieux

      26.  McCain

      27.  McConnell

      28. Nelson (NE)

      29.  Pryor

      30.  Risch

      31.  Roberts

      32.  Sessions

      33.  Shelby

      34.  Tester

      35.  Thune

      36.  Vitter

      37.  Voinovich

      38.  Wicker

Yes Votes (* = up in 2012)

      1.     Akaka*

      2.     Bayh

      3.     Begich

      4.     Bennet (CO)

      5.     Bennett (UT)–he voted FOR DREAM last time and said he WOULD vote for a stand-alone bill

      6.     Bingaman*

      7.     Boxer

      8.     Brown (OH)*

      9.     Cantwell*

      10.  Cardin*

      11.  Carper*

      12.  Casey*

      13.  Coons

      14.  Dodd

      15.  Durbin

      16.  Feingold

      17.  Feinstein*

      18.  Franken

      19.  Gillibrand

      20.  Harkin

      21.  Inouye

      22.  Johnson

      23.  Kerry

      24.  Klobuchar*

      25.  Kohl*

      26.  Lautenberg

      27.  Leahy

      28.  Levin

      29.  Lieberman*

      30.  Lincoln

      31.  Lugar*

      32.  Menendez*

      33.  Merkley

      34.  Mikulski

      35.  Murray

      36.  Nelson (FL)*

      37.  Reed

      38.  Reid

      39.  Rockefeller

      40.  Sanders*

      41.  Schumer

      42.  Shaheen

      43.  Specter

      44.  Udall

      45.  Udall

      46.  Warner

      47.  Webb*

      48.  Whitehouse*

      49.  Wyden

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