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Anuzis Gets Two Thirds of the Lone Star

Bora Van Dormolen, the Republican national committeewoman from Texas, endorses Saul Anuzis for chair of the RNC, giving the candidate two thirds of the Lone Star State’s delegation. Each candidate must receive two-thirds support from three separate states to qualify for the chairmanship. Anuzis sends the following statement:

TEXAS Becomes Nominating State for Anuzis (11 Public Committed Votes

The following member has agreed to publicly support Saul Anuzis efforts to be the next Chairman of the Republican National Committee.

Bora Van Dormolen TX – NCW

Alphabetical List of Public RNC
 Supporters of Saul Anuzis

Anuzis, Saul MI – NCM

Blackwell, Morton VA – NCM

Cicione, Gio RI – State Chairman

Crocker, Bill TX – NCM

Fahleson, Mark NE – State Chairman

Randall, Dana SD – NCM

Ross, Tom DE – State Chairman

Smith, Heidi NV – NCW

Stuart, Mike WV – State Chairman

Van Dormolen, Bora TX – NCW

Wadhams, Dick CO – State Chairman


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