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Any Takers?

I have a better problem for Mr. D’s erudition (and his real-life knowledge

would help, too). Please make him available to develop a new Federal Tax

Function (FTF), one which would keep track of the way each citizen’s

representative and senators vote on spending bills. In general, if the

politician votes for bill that doubles spending, his Spending Quotient

(SQ: the output of Derb’s FTF) is 2.000. If he votes to cut spending in

half, his SQ=0.500. The Derb FTF would have to formulate a way to arrive

at a Total SQ for the year for each of the three members of Congress.

At tax time, as a last step, when we calculate our taxes, we’d take our

total fed tax owed and multiply it by the SQ’s of your reps. That way, if

our Congressmen are big spenders, then we are big spenders, too.

Oh, and make Election Day April 16.

What do you say?


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