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AP: Obama Administration Offered Romanoff Job

How many more Sestaks are there?

WASHINGTON — Administration officials dangled the possibility of a job for former Colorado House Speaker Andrew Romanoff last year in hopes he would forego a challenge to Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet, his rival in an Aug. 10 primary, administration officials said Wednesday.

These officials declined to specify the job that was floated or the name of the administration official who approached Romanoff, and said no formal offer was ever made. They spoke on condition of anonymity, saying they were not cleared to discuss private conversations.

Unlike Rep. Sestak, Romanoff hasn’t answered questions about a potential job offer. But the fact that administration sources are leaking this to the AP tells me they have 1) figured out their legal and rhetorical strategy in the wake of the Sestak memo and 2) are trying to get out in front of this one.

UPDATE: Romamoff has now confirmed that Jim Messina, President Obama’s Deputy Chief of Staff, suggested three administration jobs that would be open to him should he choose to drop his primary challenge of Sen. Michael Bennet in Colorado.

The jobs on offer included two positions at USAID and one as director of the U.S. Trade and Development Agency.

All three were paid positions.

From a statement by Romanoff:

“Mr. Messina informed me that the White House would support Sen. Bennet. I informed Mr. Messina that I had made my decision to run,” the statement said..

“Mr. Messina also suggested three positions that might be available to me were I not pursuing the Senate race. He added that he could not guarantee my appointment to any of these positions. At no time was I promised a job, nor did I request Mr. Messina’s assistance in obtaining one,” Romanoff said. 


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