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Apache, He Explained

From a reader:


The moment I read your Corner entry and saw the filename, I knew. I just

knew in my gut what I was downloading.

Whatever horror part of you must have felt (no doubt overwhelmed completely

by your amusement), it can only pale in comparison to the awful feeling of

recognition I felt as a Dane. For I too once hummed along to the strains of

Apache, as interpreted by Tommy Seebach.

The song – taken from the public TV-channel DR2, presumably as part of a

recent series of retrospective programming to commemorate 50 years of

public television – is sadly only too familiar to those of us forced to

endure out childhood in Denmark in the 70s. Apache was a big hit for Tommy

Seebach (the grinning idiot at the keyboard), a musician who was probably

best known in Denmark for his multiple appearances as the country’s

representative in the Eurovision Song Contest. And if that isn’t the

sorriest summation of a career imaginable, I would hate to see what is.

He passed away a few years ago, as I recall, and I suppose a bit of pity is

due to that young man making a video in 1977, completely unaware that he

was documenting the total and utter hideousness of 1970s for posterity.

And it wasn’t even one of his own songs, but a lame cover of the original

by the Shadows, shot in the untamed wilderness of someone’s back yard.

Love your stuff.

Happy Fourth of July!!!


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