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Apb to Derb Fans

Please help!

I have been arrested for Thoughtcrime & am being held at the Ministry of


No, wait a minute, I don’t need that one quite yet. I do have a slight

emergency, though.

The folks at operational HQ are putting together some Derb

memorabilia–T-shirts, mugs, sphygmomanometers, that sort of thing. They

want some representative Derb quotes to decorate these objects with. I am

clueless about my own stuff, I have no idea what, if anything, I have ever

said that is memorable or striking. It’s like not being able to tickle

yourself, or smell your own bad breath.

If any phrases of mine have stuck in your head, please e-mail & tell me.

Use my private e-address ( with subject line DERB

QUOTES. The shorter, the better, say the HQ guys. My NRO stuff is all in

the archives. My NRODT stuff is here.

If we can come up with more than a handful, a talking doll will follow…


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