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In a Corner post yesterday, I mentioned some quotes that my friend Russell Seitz had dug up, illustrating the thoughts of a certain mid-20th-century German dictator. I posted one of the quotes.

I knew about Russell’s excavation of the quotes because he had told me about it in some private emails. He was planning to put them in a column he was looking to sell. This was back in April at the time of the fuss over that Expelled movie.

I just assumed that at this point the piece had been sold and I could use the quote. My kids will be glad to explain what happens when we ASSUME. Well, that’s what happened.

Russell is in fact still nursing the piece,**  and is understandably vexed that I revealed its money quote.

My apologies to Russell. All I can do by way of recompense is offer you a link to Russell’s excellent website, recommend him to you as a good and wise man working valiantly to keep a few lights still burning in this, the twilight of our civilization, and go heap some ashes on my head. Sorry, guy.


** Nursing an article for that long isn’t as unusual as you’d think. The New Criterion suggested a piece this time last year. I just the other day figured out what I wanted to say. The piece will appear in the October issue of the magazine, I am told. Parva sed matura.


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