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I am way, way behind with everything — email, snail mail, work, everything.  Yes, including my researches on webcams.  You didn’t miss my conclusions, I just haven’t posted them yet.  Sorry sorry sorry.

Now I shall get even further behind.  I have to go to my son’s school to talk to the Dean about an “incident.”  Apparently Danny’s been fighting.  My immediate thought on that was: “Great! Has he been WINNING?”  But of course that is “inappropriate” in the girlified public-school systems of today.  The kiddies are supposed to “work out” their “issues.” 

I’d like to “work out” my “issues” with the school Dean the old-fashioned way.  Unfortunately, it’s a woman, so I have to sit there like a good, cowed, law-abiding, middle-class American doofus and listen to how unnacceptably boyish my boy is.  I hate the modern world. 

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