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Apparently Your Pets Want You to Get Obamacare

If you like having terrible songs stuck in your head for hours, then you’ll love the new Enroll America video. The ad was posted on YouTube this morning and features singing pets encouraging people to sign up for health insurance under the Affordable Care. It’s got a rapping pug (“So listen to me, / A talking pug, you see, / If you get health insurance / Preventive care is now free”) and it’s even worse than it sounds.

Enroll America president Ann Fillipic told USA Today that this campaign aims to reach young women, nothing that “more than half of female pet owners would risk their lives for their pets” (those crazy cat ladies definitely need health insurance, in other words). She also conceded to the paper that ”there have been challenges in getting messages out” about the new law. Presumably singing parrots will remedy that. 

The group, a nonprofit that seeks to encourage Americans to sign up for health insurance offered by the Affordable Care Act, certainly has its work cut out. The success of the  law’s implementation hinges largely on young people signing up for the exchanges, and so far, not enough of them have. (Tangentially related: According to the Healthcare Financial Management Association, Enroll America is using at least one ”highly inflated” data point in its marketing efforts.)


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