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Apply for National Review’s Digital-Media Fall Internship!

National Review, the nation’s leading conservative opinion site, is looking for a dynamic, self-motivated individual to fill a fall internship within the Content Management team. As an intern with the team that produces and displays NR’s online content, you will learn:

  • How to produce news videos using the Wochit and JW Player platforms.
  • How to select and edit newsworthy photos for use in stories.
  • How to use the WordPress CMS to edit and publish articles, as well as curate the visual aspects of the website.
  • How to apply best SEO practices to content in order to attract organic viewers.
  • How to archive old issues of National Review for an online database.

You will have the opportunity to apply your newly learned skills on the live National Review website, assisting with the daily flow of content as it transitions from idea to publication. Note: This is not an editorial position. Candidates should be interested in the production side of digital media with an emphasis on political news. We’re looking for:

  • A currently enrolled college student.
  • Proficiency in basic Photoshop (or comparable software).
  • The ability to commute to our NYC office at 19 West 44th Street.
  • The ability to commit to 16 in-office hours per week. (If you are considered for the position, we will work on fitting office hours within your schedule.)
  • A strong desire to work with a dedicated team to disseminate conservative thought as broadly as possible.


To Be Eligible for the Internship:

Please email a cover letter, resume, and at least two references to

Place ‘CM Fall Internship at NR’ in the subject line.

NR Editors includes members of the editorial staff of the National Review magazine and website.

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