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Today’s Impromptus is the final installment of a Prague journal — and it touches on Reagan centennial festivities, held in that city. They think rather a lot of Reagan in Eastern Europe. (Prague people don’t want you to refer to their city or country as Eastern Europe, but there you have it.) I dare say they appreciate Reagan as much as they do in Orange County, Calif.

Is Orange County still a rock-solid Reaganite place? Used to be — that’s why I reached for that example. But I may be out of touch.

A friend and I were having a grave discussion: When will this appreciation of Reagan, and anti-Communism, and freedom, wear off? Already, a 22-year-old in the Czech Republic has never lived a day under Communism. When will the Left take over the commanding heights of the culture, as the Left seems to do everywhere? When will that sick historical revisionism set in, so that history and politics at Charles University (in Prague) are taught the same way they are at, oh, Bennington?

Anyway, we can enjoy it while it lasts.


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