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Approaching the Halfway Mark – Get Us to Our Goal

NR’s 2018 Spring Webathon is seeking to raise $210,000 to help your favorite website. If for some magical reason I have already persuaded you, then go straight here to make your selfless contribution. Should you need more persuasion, let me tell you about one of the reasons why we seek this specific amount. Now a couple of weeks back I did supply the full laundry list of objectives, but let’s focus on just one: A finance reporter.

Why that? It’s obvious, and also beneficial. Re the obvious side, we believe someone reporting on the markets, on tax policies, on related regulations (Dodd-Frank, Sarbanes-Oxley, and all those other prosperity-choking double-named legislative disasters). And assuming that person is hired, and performs very well, we are betting that it will create an advertising environment conducive to finance-industry types. Which means – revenue. Which means – some day, no more webathons.

So your generosity here is really an investment in NR. Can we count on you to make such an investment? I hope so. You know, several hundred folks have done so since we launched this drive, and many, with their contributions, have left an encouraging word or two, which we are happy to share. Here is a trio of generous, randomly picked souls:

OK, this one not so randomly picked: Glen from Tacoma spots us a kind 50 smackers and then confessed: “Lat year I ignored all of Jack Fowler’s pleas for money. Imagine my shock and shame when I found myself face to face with him in Seattle at a Jay Nordlinger / Michael Medved event.” Thanks Glen – usually people describe a face-to-face encounter with Yours Truly as “stomach-churning.”

Susan from Ellijay, GA also tossed $50 into the collection plate and wondered thricely: “Did the U.S. have a revolution in 2008? Can the Presidency ever recoup from the disrespect and continuous attacks since the inauguration? What is ‘rule of law’?” Somebody answer her while I say thank you very much.

Also not randomly picked: A few Sunday’s back, two to be precise, (Saint) Martha from Houston gave a lovely $150, and this lovelier note, which reads as follows . . . “Dear Jack, I was unable to ignore your St. Crispin maneuver, despite my irritation with the often repetitive and predictable Trump grousing of NR these days. Truly, I marvel at your gamboling gambits for cash. Anyway, I needed to refresh my memory of the actual feast day and came across this lovely commentary, which I thought you would enjoy, too. Happy Fourth Sunday of Easter and blessings, MM” Aww shucks. And thank ye.

Inspired? I do hope so, because we are still a ways off from our goal of raising $210,000. Please donate $10 or $25 or $50 or $100. What if just this once you added a zero (before the decimal point) to such numbers? Be so moved, and maybe to even another zero — if you’re capable of contributing $2,500, or maybe even dare I say $25,000 (hey, it’s happened). And our need is quite real. Make your donation direct to NR here. If you prefer PayPal, send your help to NR here. And if stamps and envelopes are your thing, mail a check (payable to “National Review”) to us at 19 West 44th Street, Suite 1701, New York, NY 10036. We remain deeply appreciated to any and all who provide us any level of help.


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