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April 9

April 9 is Victory in Baghdad Day, and it is also the day when the Nazi attack on Norway commenced, with the assistance of Vidkun Quisling

and other Fifth Columnists. The “policy of the broken gun” (“det brukne geværs politikk”) was supposed to make Norway safe, according to the promises of the foolish pacifists in the 1930s, who imagined that as long as Norway was weak, Norway would never be attacked. After Hitler’s War brought Nazi tyranny, the Norwegian people promised “never again 9th of April.”

The Norwegians kept that promise after the war. Norway joined NATO. After serving as Foreign Minister of Norway, Trygve Lie became the first Secretary General of the United Nations. During his tenure, the U.N. played a responsible role in international affairs: recognizing the democratic state of Israel, and authorizing the use of force to defend South Korea against the Il-Jung monarchy’s attack from the North. Today, the Norwegian government has fallen far away from Norway’s historic role as a friend of liberty; before the Second Iraq War, the Norwegian government announced that even in the case of a United Nations mandate, Norway would not necessarily assist in the liberation of Iraq. Today, the Norwegian Friends of America seeks to improve relationships between Norwegians and Americans by supporting their common tradition of freedom. Whatever0 the formal relationships between the United States government and other governments, may the people of every free nation always scultivate friendship with freedom-seeking people throughout the world.


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