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Are Abortions Ticking Up?

The Charlotte Lozier Institute has a new report compiling preliminary 2018 data, based on reporting from 38 states. (Like many national statistics, abortion numbers are gradually reported by state agencies, on a voluntary basis, and aren’t finalized for a long time.) The group writes:

CLI’s preliminary review of 2017 state abortion reporting, published in May 2019, suggested that the long-term decline in abortions in the United States may be slowing.[2] This preliminary review of 2018 state data indicates that the decline may have been interrupted.

Here’s a chart of the trend for 37 states (as one didn’t report consistently). The red line is the total number of abortions, the blue line the percentage change from the previous year.

We’ll see if this holds up in the final numbers. But the report notes two important details: One, chemical abortions in particular seem to be on the rise — over the long term, not just in 2018 — and two, states with laxer abortion rules tended to see bigger increases.