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Are Men Necessary?

Maureen Dowd asked that ridiculous question in her book, as you’ll recall. What is up with a culture that not only amuses the question, but in which our fundamental cultural institutions works to deride and undermine men, as if to say: “No, of course they are not necessary!”?

Kathleen Parker enters the book scene today with Save the Males: Why Men Matter. Why Women Should Care. It’s her first book and she makes it matter. Funny, clever, and important, she highlights some of the dangerous and prevalent anti-male trends out there and testifies to why no good woman can stand silent. Men are no helpless victims. But how much more fun is the fight for them with women noticing and declaring their love?

Save the Males is not predictable, preachy, or something you’ve read before. As Kathleen puts it:

We owe it to the next generation to explain how we got trapped in this gladiatorial arena of sexual hostility and how, with self-awareness (and much good humor), we might extricate ourselves. The losers, if we fail, aren’t just men and women, but boys and girls, who, no matter how many ways we redesign the playground, manage to find each other under the jungle gym. Girls want boys’ attentions, and boys want girls’ approval. Thus it has ever been and, barring pranks in the petri dish, thus it shall remain.

Finally, this won’t be a rose-hued defense of the good ol’ days or a celebration of Stepford-style, June Cleaver exurbia moms. It is axiomatic in these knee-jerk times that any criticism of feminism means retrofitting women to the kitchen sink or birthing chair. Nonsense. We still live in a free country (for now), and everyone has the option of being sensible. But we’ve had a few decades of this shtick and have produced a new generation of children tattooed, pierced, angry, depressed, obese, anorexic, drugged, self-mutilating, whoring, pimping, failing. Children who, preferring the hum of a video game to human interaction, occasionally lash out in carnivals of violence, shooting teachers, classmates, and anyone else unlucky enough to intersect with their rage and rifle sights.

Popular wisdom teaches that nature abhors a vacuum. So do children, and so do families. In fatherless, male-bashing America, we might figure something needs tweaking.

For a little more of a taste of Save the Males: Why Men Matter. Why Women Should Care, I focus here on men, fatherhood, and abortion and the book. But don’t be misled into thinking the book is all about abortion — it covers higher ed, military, celebrity, children, marriage, pornography, and so much more.

Save the Males is worth a read. You’ll enjoy that you did. And if saves a male or two, too, all the better.

Kathleen had a great interview with Bill Bennett this morning and will be on O’Reilly tonight ….


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