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Are They Nuts?

There are all sorts of unattributed quotes being reported in the press from “Obama administration officials” and “White House staff members” to the effect that we can work with the Muslim Brotherhood since it has “renounced violence,” a lunacy that summed up the assorted back-door American pilgrimages to France to consult with the “reasonable” Khomeini — who, remember, on arrival in Iran swore that he was not interested in secular power.

Apparently Obama & Co. have no historical understanding of the Iranian debacle: The Carter administration’s problem was not just its shabby and indecisive clinging to/pushing out/disowning an ailing Shah, but that it (a) at first thought the murderous Islamists were at least better than the corrupt Shah; (b) then that it could finesse radical Islamists; (c) and finally that pampered Europhile intellectuals could stand up to radical-Islamic killers and thugs.

If this administration is sending out peace feelers through back channels to the Muslim Brotherhood, or trying to triangulate by having aides leak namby-pamby praise of a supposedly non-violent Brotherhood, then it all but will ensure a Shah/Banisadr/Khomeini sequence in Egypt by fall. They should cease all such suicidal talk now, since even whispers of it help to doom moderates and anti-Islamists in the street, as well as the dying Mubarak regime’s promise to keep enough order to allow a transition to follow.


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