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Are You an Amy Barrett Voter?

President Trump holds an event to announce Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C., September 26, 2020. (Carlos Barria/Reuters)

I just listened to Kamala Harris talk about how Amy Coney Barrett is bad for women, and I can’t help but think “I’m an Amy Barrett voter” is about to become a thing. I remember how excited some conservatives got about Sarah Palin as John McCain’s vice-presidential candidate. Mothers would go out to political rallies for the first time. They felt represented on a presidential ticket for the first time in a new way. So many men emailed me to tell me Palin reminded them of their wives — they wanted women in politics to reflect their values on marriage and family. That all turned out to be a tragic story on many fronts. But now with Amy Coney Barrett, there is so much to celebrate. These are not voters who have litmus tests about the sex of their candidates, but, gosh, can it be refreshing — especially when the left identifies the very word “woman” with legal abortion and contraception and often a hostility toward men — certainly in leadership.

One of the blessings of Ruth Bader Ginsburg is her beautiful marriage and her friendship with Antonin Scalia. Walking around Lower Manhattan over the weekend, I saw a number of RBG shrines and accessories. I’m waiting for the first “I’m an Amy Barrett voter” tote (I saw an RBG one) or T-shirt. Albeit probably not in New York, unless someone wants to make one and send it my way. Because the more crazy the attacks on her get, I can’t help but think some conservative-minded people who didn’t vote for Trump last time may seriously reconsider.


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