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“Are You Being Sarcastic, Dude?”

 I have an NRO article up about that New Yorker cover. In it, I singled out Kevin Drum of The Washington Monthly who wrote the following:

If artist Barry Blitt had some real cojones, he would have drawn the same cover but shown it as a gigantic word bubble coming out of John McCain’s mouth — implying, you see, that this is how McCain wants the world to view Obama. But he didn’t. Because that would have been unfair.

In response, I took Drum to task for his apparent sarcasm here in suggesting “that would have been unfair.” Today, Drum sent me a polite note:

You missed my point.  (Maybe my fault, not yours.)  I wasn’t being sarcastic.  Putting McCain in the picture would have been unfair for the reasons you outline, and that (I assume) is why they didn’t do it, even though right wingers are obviously the target of their satire.  They were, for some reason, leery of being unfair to McCain, but not of being unfair to Obama.

This is obviously a debatable observation, but it wasn’t sarcasm.

Let the record show that Drum didn’t intend to be sarcastic — but I fear it made more sense when I thought it was sarcasm. He says the cartoonist was gutless and that if he had more courage he would have gone ahead and been patently unfair to McCain?

Regardless, I just gained a measure of respect for Drum coming out and admitting his point may have been muddled and attempting to correct the record. It’s a good example for all of us bloggers.


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