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‘Are You a Flake?’: Bill Bennett Blasts Chris Wallace for Ungentlemanly Behavior

Bill Bennett wants Chris Wallace to take Sunday mornings off, permanently.

The former education secretary blasted Wallace for using Michele Bachmann to make up for getting “wiped” by Jon Stewart last weekend. 

Calling it a “craven and cloying” interview, as well as “unmanly” and “ungentlemanly,” Bennett said: “I don’t like what he did. At all.”

“It’s time for Chris Wallace to go. There’s just too much,” Bennett, a CNN commentator, said of the Fox News Sunday host. “He couldn’t defend himself against Jon Stewart. He couldn’t do anything when Bill Clinton was poking his finger on him. . . . He can’t defend Fox. I can defend Fox better than Chris Wallace does.”

“He is using Michele Bachmann as a way to show his macho to Jon Stewart,” he said. “That’s using somebody as a means in the worst kind of way.”

“It’s just time for him to go. He’s an ineffective interviewer.”

Here is the audio from Bill Bennett’s Morning in America radio show this morning


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