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Yo Cosmo, wassup? I’m a bit worried about the boss. Took him for walkies t’other day (2-bagger), just couldn’t keep him moving. He spent half the time just standing round, muttering in Latin & shaking his head, like, you know, when you can’t for the life of you remember which pile of leaves you left the frickin lamb bone under. And this, in a stretch where, he should know perfectly well by now, there is totally nothing interesting to smell. Well, to be expected at his age, I suppose. I just hope he’s not forgetting to take his worm pills. Saw that hot bitch from across the way, boy, if I was three years younger! Anyhoo, gotta go, there’s a squirrel on the lawn. The little buggers are way too fast for me, but hey, gotta put up a show for the boss, you know. Keep that leash taut, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, arf, arf.—-Boris.

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