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Arizona! and Delaware! and Missouri! and New Mexico! and Oklahoma! and North Dakota! and South Carolina!! Yeeeeaaaagggghhhh

Yeah, so there are some primaries today. But Corner readers aren’t too excited and don’t know many people who are (with a few scheming exceptions). Here’s a quick look geographic look at my inbox:


A reader from Phoenix writes:

Sorry, but there really isn’t much [activity]. I have seen a few guys on the corner with Clark signs, and one pickup truck with a giant Clark banner in

the back.

Nothing else from anyone. I haven’t seen a single Dean-dong in weeks, even

though I drive past his headquarters on a daily basis.

Another Arizonan notes: “Most of the local news in AZ has been focused on the

Prison/Hostage stand-off which (thankfully) ended

yesterday with no lives lost. The story has comsumed

so much time and space that there hasn’t been much

room for Primary coverage.”


A reader from Newark, Delaware:

I don’t see many outward signs that a primary is happening here tomorrow.

Polls say Kerry has a big lead on Lieberman who is running second. I’ve only

seen a handful of Dean signs and there were some Dean supporters doing a

sign waving at one busy intersection on Saturday. Not much else. Kerry and

Lieberman both did small events here over the weekend. There is no

Republican presidential primary here. We have one in September to pick our

candidate for governor.


You probably aren’t hearing much about the primary here in

Delaware because there really isn’t any excitement about it around

here. I work [at] the University of Delaware in Newark,

the second largest city in the state and a hotbed of student activism

(or as much as you’ll get in these parts anyway, Delaware is much better

known as a party school then a center of political activity). Even in

this relatively populous part of the state there’s very little evidence

of the campaigns. Very few signs in yards (mostly Clark), and no ads

out of the Philly market (Delaware doesn’t have it’s own commercial TV

station) that have been directed towards us at all that I’ve seen. Dean

had a campaign office down the street here in Newark but since his fast

fade in the last two weeks there’s been very little activity on the part

of the local Deaniacs, they’ve pretty much had the wind taken out of

their sails. I was talking to a friend of mine who was hot on Dean but

now realizes that he’s not going anywhere about if he’d support Kerry

now. He shrugged and said “You know, A.B.B.” (anybody but Bush). This

is a good example of the lack of enthusiasm that Kerry is going to be

getting from the Denniboppers.

Kerry and Lieberman were both here last week, each for about an hour or

two tops, Kerry getting some support form the local IBEW and Lieberman

hitting some old folks homes. Joe has made the biggest and most

consistent effort in the state, he’s been here a few times and his wife

and daughter have also made a few appearances. I suspect that he was

hoping to get a win here to boost his sagging fortunes and set up some

momemtum before going on to the other staes that he thought he had a

chance on, but with the rise of the Kerry machine that looks very



A manipulative Republican writes: “Missouri is an open primary, so my friends and I are going to ask for

democratic ballots tomorrow. (Hope I don’t choke on the words.) I’m going to

vote for Dean, my good friend is going to vote for Sharpton. Just

doing our little part to mess things up! (Not like two votes are going to

matter, but it makes it fun.) We’re very excited, which is awful …… I really think we need to get out more.”


[KJL HERE: I’m NOT endorsing this approach to primarys.]


Another e-mail: “Here in southern New Mexico, tomorrow’s events aren’t getting much

attention, most of the hoopla is going on up in Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

Driving around Las Cruces yesterday I saw one sign for Clark and two for

Kucinich. I think voter apathy gets the most delegates.”


The proprietor of checks out the lawns around him:

Going strictly by yard signs, here in Tulsa I see a lot more support for Clark than any other candidate, followed by Dean. The Dean signs were up earlier but have been overtaken. I have seen exactly one sign each for Kerry and Edwards, nothing at all for Joe Lieberman, who received the most financial support from Oklahoma contributors….

Tulsa has a city council primary the same day, and a friend of mine is running as a Democrat in a heavily blue-collar Democrat area — mostly white but with significant black and Hispanic populations. He says he isn’t detecting any enthusiasm for the presidential primary and doesn’t believe the presidential primary will boost turnout significantly. In terms of real impact on everyday life, there’s a lot more at stake in that city council race.

Local bloggers haven’t had much to say about the presidential primary. My blog has been focused on the local elections. The activists on seem split between Clark, Dean, and Kerry.


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