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Arkansas Gov. Candidate: Full Scholarships to Students with 2.5 GPAs

Arkansas high-schoolers with C-averages could soon be in for a windfall: Under one Democratic gubernatorial candidate’s education plan, they would qualify for a full ride at the state’s public universities.

According to his website, former lieutenant governor Bill Halter wants to let any high-school student “who works hard to make good grades” — apparently Razorback for a 2.5 GPA or higher — to attend one of the state’s public universities completely tuition-free. “The Arkansas Promise” would cost an estimated $50 million to $75 million per year, but Halter insists that it would not require higher taxes or mean increased spending; instead, the plan would be paid for through the state’s lottery, federal grants, and philanthropic support.

This is Halter’s first major policy announcement since deciding to run earlier this year. He is currently the only Democratic candidate in the race for the 2014 election.


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