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Arms and the G-man

Kathryn, that is one weird analysis you linked to. It doesn’t even mention Rudy’s biggest liability in the early primaries: guns. A Pauline conversion on the right to bear arms (assuming Giuliani’s open to one) is less persuasive to the Second Amendment guys than one on abortion is to the pro-lifers. And the federalist approach – “Oh, well, yeah, but I was Mayor of New York and what works for New York City isn’t necessarily the right policy for Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, etc, etc” – is undermined by his record in office of consistently trying to nationalize his city’s problems: he demanded a national gun registry which would only license persons to bear arms on a highly restricted basis, and he sued dozens of gun manufacturers.

This is a worse record on the Second Amendment than any Republican candidate I can recall, and it’s a bigger handicap with the base than anything else. I like Rudy but next time he does his drag act he should skip Victor/Victoria and go for Annie Get Your Gun. At least then he might shore up the Pink Pistols vote.

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