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From An Army Officer

I’m hoping this guy will bring me Uday Hussein’s Kegerator:


Thanks for the 17 March G-File! I am an American soldier with the Army’s 4th Infantry Division at Fort Hood, Texas, and I will be going into harm’s way soon.

I am amazed how the anti-war people always say that THEY need to protect service members from war. What a crock! We’re the ones doing the fighting and dying, and they talk about saving us, wrapping themselves in the “sons and daughters of America” rhetoric.

Trust me on this point: close to 99% of the soldiers I work with want to go to war with Saddam. Our morale is high. The only thing diminishing our morale is having been kept on the leash for these last 2-3 months. We want to kick his ass so that there will be no future “9/11s.” As a New York City native, I took that attack very personally.

Thanks again for your support. I’ll try to bring you back a souvenir.


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