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Arnold–Let The Judges Decide

Arnold Schwarzenegger was disappointing talking about the gay marriage decision on “Hardball” last night. What good is his populism if he doesn’t care whether it is the people or judges who are making fundamental decisions about how we govern ourselves? A bit from the transcript:

MATTHEWS: Suppose the Supreme Court of this state says it is OK to have gay marriage, the same marriage kind of certificate as a heterosexual couple. Would you move to try to change the constitution?

SCHWARZENEGGER: No, absolutely not. I will stay with that.

MATTHEWS: You would go with the courts?

SCHWARZENEGGER: Whatever the Supreme Court, whatever the Supreme Court decides, that`s exactly what I will stay with.

MATTHEWS: And that`s consistent with your philosophy, letting some judges decide, rather than letting all the people of the state decide?

SCHWARZENEGGER: Well, both, the people or the judge. In both cases, I think the important issue here is that it should not be the power of a mayor, for instance, like Mayor Newsom in San Francisco.

MATTHEWS: You think he was wrong?

SCHWARZENEGGER: I thought he was overstepping the line, because I thought that this is, again, something that the legislators can do, the people can do, or the court can do, but not individual mayors cannot make up the laws that go along, because, eventually, you have some other mayor in some other town start saying, OK, I think we should hand out guns and ammunitions and we should have free this.

I think we should have — abide by the law and we should have certain rules.

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