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Arnold in Trouble?

According to at least one poll, Bustamante is now ahead of Schwarzenegger in the California race. Blogger Calblog reckons that this may even overstate Arnold’s support, as, judging by some recent developments, the Terminator seems intent on alienating the G.O.P. base. Who’s to blame? Calblog has a theory:

“Since Shriver assumed a central role, the campaign … has allowed Warren Buffet and Rob Lowe to associate themselves with the campaign.

Now I would expect the Republican operatives in the campaign to know that Republicans dislike Lowe and Buffet. These are things that Republicans just know. No one has to tell us or teach us. It’s almost assumed… “

Looking at the campaign from the outside, it is, of course, impossible to know who is responsible for this fiasco. The damage caused by the Rob Lowe appointment (which is just a nod to Hollywood orthodoxy) shouldn’t be overstated but the arrival of Buffett looks like a major blunder. The tax-loving, faux populist sage of Omaha is as bad an economist as he is good an investor. He should have no part – ever – to play in any supposedly Republican campaign, liberal, moderate or conservative.


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