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This week has been our 2006 education week. If you’ve missed anything — we’ve had some great stuff from Stanley Kurtz, Judith Kleinfeld, Candace de Russy, and many more — check the Ed Week index page here . (We also have some classics from Allan Bloom, WFB, and more.)

With the new NRO facelift, make sure you get used to the daily routine of checking our list of hot links on the homepage. Right under the live blog feed, they’re editors’ picks of non-NRO must-reads around the web. A good filter for the time-strapped. Today’s links include Peggy Noonan, Dan Henninger, Mona Charen, Gerard Baker, John Podhoretz, Fr. George Rutler & more.

What’s the live blog feed, you ask? If you’re not using it, you want to. Our Sixers blog is a good map of what’s going on on the November election front. Our Phi Beta Cons blog tracks trends and debates and politics in higher education. What’s Arlen Specter doing to hold up judges now? Bench Memos will tell you. Does David Frum, Mark Levin, Jim Geraghty, The Conways, or David Frum have something new to say? How about the Media Blog? Check the live blog feed! It will tell you which blog has something new. And, of course, if The Corner fell asleep or not. The live blog feed on our homepage is the quickest route to the freshest NRO blogging.

And the pieces…NRO’s still a mix of pieces, bogs, links — commentary, reporting, and analysis in various forms. The homepage is your best compendium of it all. Check out pieces today by Bill Frist, Cathy Seipp, Geoffrey Norman, Bridget Johnson, Frederica Mathewes-Green, Ramesh Ponnuru, Jay Nordlinger, David French, Rich Lowry, Jonah Goldberg, and more — including a John Derbyshire podcast. (Miss any pieces this week? Quickly browse our article archives .)

You get the idea. There’s a whole NRO world out there for you to browse through. Always adding, updating, improving. Holler with suggestions, wishes, and complaints. Feedback always appreciated.

Happy Friday.


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