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Just in case your eyes are glued to the main column on this page, a friendly reminder of some of the rest of the NRO world you can explore. Today, elsewhere on our site: Tom Hibbs on the anti-Lincoln lesson his Ford Theater tour guide taught his family, Kate O’Beirne on what Vincente Fox will give his friend Jorge W. Arbusto in return for the amnesty package (Nada), Jay Nordlinger on Wes Clark’s fringe quality, Peter Kirsanow on Dems reaching for the felon vote, The official NRODT editorial word on what the marriage amendment should ultimately look like, Cathy Seipp on those darned j-school profs in da morning newspaper, Larry Kudlow on those WRONG inflation hawks, Dave Kopel on a high-schooler who fought the school for the right to wear and NRO t-shirt and won, Jed Babbin on the goodness of air marshals, AND THERE’S MORE IF YOU WOULD ONLY TRAVEL ON OVER TO NRO CENTRAL, but I’ll shut up now. You have the idea.