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Around the Web: 2008

The latest on the candidates . . .


The Straight Shooter


At Clinton’s Side in Pennsylvania, a Dedicated and Often Blunt Promoter

New York Times


Proposes Break in Gas Taxes


Rice Rules Out Spot on McCain Ticket

New York Times

Joins Fray on Obama

New York Times

Echoes Clinton’s Attacks

Washington Post


At Developer’s Trial, Witness Recalls Seeing Obamas at 2004 Party for Investor

New York Times

Tries to Soften ‘Bitter’ Bite

LA Times

Says He ‘Mangled’ Pa. Remark

Philly Inquirer

’Citizen Journalist’ at Center of Barack Obama ‘Bitter’ Words

LA Times

State of the Race

Faith in Spotlight, Candidates Battle for Catholic Votes

New York Times

Tone Harsh as Democrats Battle Over Working Class

Boston Globe


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