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The latest on the candidates . . .


Sen. Brownback Wants to Stop Litigants in Establishment Clause Cases from Collecting Fees



Sen. Clinton Expects Many Return Trips to Florida, Campaign Official Says

Naples News

Wows Central Audience

Quad-City Times

Hillary Under Attack

New York Post


Edwards Says He May Have Been Too Inexperienced for 2004 Run



Rudy’s Gun Policy on Target: GOPer

New York Post

Giuliani Law Firm Offers Texas Foothold as 2008 Decision Looms



Criticizes Pace of Katrina Aid

LA Times


Addresses Most Social Issues; Mum on Immigration

The Hill

Business Skills Face a Political Test

Boston Globe

Gains Backers in S.C.


Stops in Columbia


State of the Race

Gaze in the Military

New York Post

’08 Candidates Make Global Warming Pitches

Washington Post

Mixed Messages on the Campaign Trail


Poll: Ohioans favor Clinton, Guiliani for president


Tethers to the Senate

New York Times

A Voice for More Voters

Washington Post

<a href=” 2008: Republicans:

The Politico’s Jonathan Martin reports that conservative Republicans” class=”blog_hotlinks”>Is There Room for Unity in 2008?


Back In Time

Cleveland Plain Dealer

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Law & the Courts

The McCabe Firing

I found this run-down over at Lawfare (agnostic on the merits, but rightfully harsh about Trump’s public dumping on McCabe) helpful, especially this section on the professionals who recommended his dismissal: The FBI takes telling the truth extremely seriously: “lack of candor” from employees is a ... Read More
Law & the Courts

One More Point on McCabe . . .

One point to add to Jonathan Turley’s column about Andrew McCabe, and the glaring double standard of whether an FBI official will face obstruction-of-justice charges if he’s caught lying to an FBI internal investigation. In 2015, McCabe's wife Jill ran for a state senate seat in Virginia and received ... Read More
Politics & Policy

‘We Will Reduce Abortion’

Conor Lamb’s success has revived interest in “I’m personally opposed, but.” It’s a rhetorical convention — a cliché, really — that many Catholic Democrats have resorted to ever since Mario Cuomo popularized it with his speech at Notre Dame in 1984, as Alexandra DeSanctis explained a few days ... Read More


In a recent issue, we published a piece on Dante Della Terza, the great Dante scholar at Harvard (now in his nineties). Today, we have an expanded version on the homepage. After the magazine piece was published, I heard from Mark Helprin, the novelist, military analyst, and political writer. I had no idea he had ... Read More

The Pope Francis Challenge

An unforced error from a Vatican communications office the other day drove me a little something like crazy. The nature of the unforced error is that it is wholly unnecessary and typically distracting. And so it was. Days before, as the fifth anniversary of Pope Francis’s election as pope was approaching, a ... Read More