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Around the Web: 2008

The latest on the candidates . . .


Team Acknowledges $20 Million Debt

The Washington Post

As Rivals Rest on Mother’s Day, Pushes On

The New York Times

Edwards Raises Doubts About Chances

The New York Times

Siege Mentality

The New Republic

Creaming Obama in Ky

The Herald-Leader

How to End a Presidential Campaign



To Pitch Climate-Change Plan in Oregon

USA Today

Woos Democrats on Environment

The Wall Street Journal

Poised to Flip on GOP Abortion Platform

ABC News

Economic Advisor Defends Gas Tax Holiday

Los Angeles Times


Aide: Long Dem Race Near End

The New York Post

Heads to Cape Girardeau, Courts Rural Vote

St. Louis Dispatch

Sit Back, Relax, Get Ready to Rumble


Faces an Untested Set of Hurdles

Los Angeles Times

Acts Likes It’s Over


State of the Race

Democrats Step Around Elephant in the Room

The Chicago Tribune

Already, Obama and McCain Map Fall Strategies

The New York Times

W Virginia Keeps Distance from Obama

Financial Times

New Group with Clinton Ties Pushes a Dream Ticket

The Chicago Tribune

Democratic Leaders Hoping Clinton Doesn’t Do More Damage

The New York Daily News

Obama, Clinton Adjust Aim, Target McCain

The Wall Street Journal


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