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Around the Web: 2008

The latest on the candidates . . .


Lays Out Path to Party Nomination

Detroit Free Press

Gov. Paterson Says Going Too Far

The New York Daily News

As Race Wanes, Talk of No. 2 Grows

The New York Times


Talks Issues as Troubles Pile Up

San Francisco Chronicle

Cuts Ties to Pastors Whose Talks Drew Fire

The New York Times

Senior Aide’s Lobbying Efforts Highlight Challenge

The Wall Street Journal

Rules on Lobbying Face Test

The Washington Post

Appears Cancer-Free, Healthy

Associated Press

POW Aftereffects Unlikely

The Washington Post

Restricts Access to Medical Records

The Washington TImes


Makes Moves for Fall Election

Los Angeles Times

Options for Vice Presidential Candidate

Chicago Sun-Times

Reaches Out to Deliver Assurance to Jewish Voters

The Boston Globe

Promises ‘Unshakable’ Support for Israel

The Miami Herald

To Fill In for Kennedy at Ceremony

The New York Times

State of the Race

Obama, McCain Begin Running-Mate Searches

The Washington Post

McCain and Obama at War Over GIs

New York Post

Strickland: Obama and Clinton on Same Ticket Is Unbeatable

The Columbus Dispatch

Liberals Work to Change McCain’s Image

San Francisco Chronicle


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