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Around the Web: 2008

The latest on the candidates . . .


Gets Deep-Pockets Boost from Loyalists

San Francisco Chronicle

Swing-State Advantage


Long Shot Bid Boils Down to Three Dates

ABC News


Using the President, but Carefully Going Only So Far

The New York Times

Accepts a Hand From Bush, at Arm’s Length

The Washington Post

Urges New Arms Pact With Moscow

The New York Times

Signals Desire to See Reduction in Nuclear Arms

The Washington Post

’I Will Never Surrender in Iraq,’ Tells Crowd at DU

Rocky Mountain News


Questions of How Much Can Redo the Map

The Boston Globe

Heads West to Push Housing Proposals in Swing States

The Wall Street Journal

Camp Admits Misspeak

FOX News

Presidency May Boost Scrutiny of Investment Banks

The Wall Street Journal

Backtracks: Softens Vow to Meet Iran Prez

The New York Post

Urges Supporters Not to Demonstrate at Crucial DNC Meeting

The Hill

State of the Race

Obama, Clinton Campaigning in Different Races

Los Angeles Times

Dems’ Race Down to D.C. Hotel Room

The Hill

Democrats May Drag Out Fight; Decision Time on Florida, Michigan Votes

The New York Daily News

Dems Seek to Avoid Meltdown


Stark Contrasts Between McCain and Obama in Judicial Wars

The New York Times

In Rare Move, 3 Candidates Join in Pledge on Darfur

The New York Times


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