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Around the Web: 2008

The latest on the candidates . . .


Discusses What She Wants, but Not What She Will Do

The New York Times

Ends Primary Season With an Unanswered Question

The Washington Post

A Following Of ‘Marshans’

The Washington Post

Road to Second Place

The Wall Street Journal

Backers Blame Stinging Loss on Strong Glass Ceiling

The Boston Herald

Offers Praise, Does Not Concede

USA Today

Failed With Bush’s 2000 Model



Distances Himself From Bush and Jabs Obama

The New York Times

Dems Accuse on Climate

The Hill

Sells His Kind of Change


Mounts Immediate Attack on Obama’s Record

The Washington Post


A Sigh of Relief


Clinton Donor Base Is Next Prize

The New York Times

Strategy Was Based On Winning Delegates, Not Battlegrounds

The Washington Post

First Test: Handling Hillary


South Dakota Symbolizes Lingering Woes

The Wall Street Journal

Went from Underdog to Alpha

Los Angeles Times

State of the Race

Obama Clinches Nomination; First Black Candidate to Lead a Major Party Ticket

The New York Times

Obama Clinches Democratic Nomination

The Boston Globe

Primary Storm Took Wind Out of An Electric Event

The Washington Post

McCain, Obama Kick Off Groundbreaking Battle

The Wall Street Journal

It’s Obama Versus McCain, as Democrat Moves To Unite Party

The New York Sun

Next on Agenda Is Clinton’s Role

The New York Times


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