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Around the Web: 2008

The latest on the candidates . . .


’She Touched a Lot of People’

The Washington Post

Fond Farewell


Will She Take the Blame If Obama Falls?


Campaign Adds to Complicated Legacy

The New York Times

Some Backers Aren’t Ready to Make Switch to Obama

The Wall Street Journal


Evangelicals Are Still Wary Despite Outreach

The New York Times

How to Beat a Rock Star: ‘Substance.’


The Unhappy Warrior


La. Governor Stirs GOP Imaginations

The Boston Globe

Ohio Disconnect

Los Angeles Times

Once a Rival, Now a Champion

The Boston Globe


Needs to Win Over Clinton’s Female Supporters

USA Today

Maps a Nationwide Push in G.O.P. Strongholds

The New York Times

Campaign Chief: Low Profile, High Impact

The Chicago Tribune

Top Talent Scout Tied to Subprime Lender

The New York Sun

Recruiting for the No. 2 Spot

The Washington Times

State of the Race

Each Party Is Set to Hunt The Other’s Usual Ground

The Washington Post

In Crowd Size, Obama Has the Edge

The Wall Street Journal

Old Partisan Gulf Is Back, Broad and Looming Large

The New York Times

McCain and Obama: The Odd Candidates


In Energy Policy, McCain, Obama Differ on Role of Government

The Wall Street Journal


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