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Around the Web: 2008

The latest on the candidates . . .


Millions in Debt and Few Options

The New York Times

A Home Girl in Westchester

The New York Post

Successor as First Lady Praises Hillary

The Washington Post


Criticizes an Obama Advisor

Los Angeles Times

Could Be Hurt by Record Gas Prices


Criticizes Obama for Adviser’s Loans

The New York Sun

Faces Challenge Over Campaign Links to Lobbyists

The Wall Street Journal

Going on Offensive Against Jim Johnson



Adviser Faces Scrutiny Over Mortgage Deals

The Washington Post

Vetter Draws Unwanted Scrutiny


Could Raise $100 Million in June, Fundraisers Say

The Hill

Begins Offensive for the Fall

The Washington Times

What Is Economic Plan?


Reaches Out to Elizabeth Edwards in Effort to Woo Women Voters

The New York Daily News

Trying Out a New Message

Los Angeles Times

State of the Race

The Reformers As Fundraisers

The Washington Post

A Field of Also-Rans

The Washington Times

Dems Can’t Afford Donation Ban


In Economic Tour, Obama Criticizes McCain

The New York Times

Obama Needs to Win Over Clinton’s Female Supporters

USA Today

Democrats Gaining Hold in the West

The Washington Times


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