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Around the Web: 2008

The latest on the candidates . . .


Seeks to Break With Bush on Environment

The New York Times

Plays With Fire on Offshore Drilling


Open to Drilling Offshore, Not in Arctic Refuge

Los Angeles Times

Club for Growth Balking at Idea of Helping

The Hill

Wins Support as Last Best Hope of Former Republican Foes



Michelle Looks for a New Introduction

The New York Times

Rebukes McCain Camp on Terrorism Criticism

The Washington Times

Says GOP Needs to Learn Lessons of 9/11

USA Today

Courts Clintonites on the Hill


An Up-Close ‘View’ of Michelle

The New York Daily News

State of the Race

Campaigns in a Skirmish Over Terrorism and Law

The New York Times

Obama, McCain Divide on a Key Strategy Point

The New York Sun

Obama and Clinton Seek to Unite Donors in Joint Appearance

The New York Times

Obama, McCain Abandon Energy Stances

The Washington Times

Suburban Women Seen as Key Bloc

Chicago Tribune


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