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Around the Web: 2008

The latest on the candidates . . .


Sets Goal of 45 New Nuclear Reactors by 2030

The New York Times

Talks Energy, Slams Obama as “Carter”

The Washington Post

Republicans Ramp Up Debate on Offshore Drilling

The Wall Street Journal

Hit on Tanker Deal

The Boston Globe

GOP Recycles Clinton’s Attacks Against Obama

The Washington Times


Campaign Tightens Control of Image and Access

The New York Times

Meets With Labor Leaders

The Washington Post

Says Bin Laden Must Not Be a Martyr

The Washington Times

Aide Says Sorry to Two Muslim Women

New York Daily News

To Break Promise, Opt Out of Public Financing for General Election

ABC News

NAFTA Not So Bad After All


State of the Race

Obama Could Win Vote, Lose Election


McCain Has the Edge With White Men

The Boston Globe

Obama Steps up Outreach to Evangelicals

USA Today

Libertarian Candidate Barr Blasts McCain

The Washington Post


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