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Around the Web: 2008

The latest on the candidates . . .


Raises Money the Hard Way

The Washington Post

Stumps Strategists by Playing Up His Unpopular Stance on Free Trade

Los Angeles Times

Exports Free-Trade Debate

USA Today

Oil Plan Relies on Middle East

The Washington Times

Struggles to Break Free of Bush

Los Angeles Times

Tours Flood Sites Separately

The Wall Street Journal

Attacks Obama for Opting Out of Public Financing



Ad Stresses Values and Patriotism

Los Angeles Times

Out of System, But Not Out of Character


With Plenty of Money, Forgoes Public Financing


Rejects Public Financing For General Election

The Wall Street Journal

In Shift, Says He’ll Reject Public Financing

The New York Times

Apologizes to Muslim Women; Apology Accepted


State of the Race

Ghosts in the GOP Attack Machine


McCain and Obama Camps Are Open to Gates

Los Angeles Times

Pawlenty Has ‘Big Place’ in GOP Plans

USA Today

McCain Meets With Hispanic Leaders

Las Vegas Sun

Obama’s Decision Threatens Public Financing System

The New York Times


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