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Around the Web: 2008

The latest on the candidates . . .


Adviser May Have Struck a Nerve

The Washington Post

Fine Line of Security

The Wall Street Journal

Anti-Capitalist Mentality

The New York Sun

Has Plan to Make Government More Green

The Washington Post

Santa Barbara Fumes Over Drilling Plan

Los Angeles Times


Evangelical Leader Attacks Obama on Religious Views

The New York Times

Asks Donors to Help Pay Clinton Debt

The Washington Post

Stars Give $5M at L.A. Event

USA Today

Will ‘Experience’ Hurt?


Assails Remarks by McCain on Offshore Oil Drilling

The New York Times

State of the Race

Obama Holds 12-point Lead Over McCain, Poll Finds

Los Angeles Times

Obama in the Driver’s Seat But McCain Reads the Map

The Hill

Obama Stands Firm; McCain Rides Wave for Energy Solutions

The Washington Times

Obama Aims to Wrest West From GOP

USA Today

Turnout Boost Could Favor Obama

Chicago Tribune


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