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Around the Web: 2008

The latest on the candidates . . .


Pledges Oil Independence for U.S.

Los Angeles Times

Aides Seek Undecideds, Non-Partisans for Town Halls

USA Today

On the Web, Supporters Wage an Uphill Battle

The Washington Post

Tries to Balance Energy Solutions, Votes

The Washington Times

Hosts Tele-Meeting With S. Florida Voters

Miami Herald

Top Adviser Has Found Success Mixing Money, Politics

The Washington Post


On Coattails, an Uninvited Rider

The Washington Post

Opposes Supreme Court Rape Decision

The Washington Post

Meets With Auto CEOs In Move That Could Ease Strains

The Wall Street Journal

Says He Avoided City, State Corruption

Chicago Sun-Times

Netroots Feel Jilted by FISA Stand


State of the Race

Democrats in Delicate Talks to Unify Party

The New York Times

Democrat Steps Up Push for Big Donors

The Wall Street Journal

Clinton to Steer Backers, Voters to Her Former Rival

The Wall Street Journal

Obama Aims to Put McCain on the Run

The Washington Times

Obama, McCain Make Strong Bid for Latino Votes

San Francisco Chronicle


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