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Around the Web: 2008

The latest on the candidates . . .


Carly Fiorina’s Fuzzy Speak

Los Angeles Times

Adviser Tells House GOPers They Won’t Flip on ANWR


Selling an Economic Policy


Revs Efforts to Woo Hispanic Voters

The Arizona Republic

Adviser Salter Writes, Speaks and Fights for Candidate



America Gets to Know Him, and Vice Versa

The New York Times

Jesse Jackson Apologizes for Remarks

The New York Times

Makes Economic Appeal to Women

The Wall Street Journal

Joins Fellow Senators in Passing New Wiretapping Measure

The Washington Post

Rev. Jackson Apologizes

The Washington Post

Democrats Take Shift in Stride

Los Angeles Times

Makes Late Plea To Aid Clinton on Debt

The New York Sun

Says Kids Won’t Be Doing Any More Interviews

Chicago Sun-Times

Walks the Abortion Minefield


State of the Race

Candidates Use Iran’s Missile Tests as a Chance for a Foreign Policy Debate

The New York Times

Candidates’ Senate Votes Fall by Wayside on Campaign Trail

USA Today

Launch Brings Different Reactions

The Wall Street Journal

Dems Follow Obama Down Centrist Path

The Hill

Dems Searching Their Souls on Drilling



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