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Around the Web: 2008

The latest on the candidates . . .


Defends His Tech Smarts in S.F.

San Francisco Chronicle

Evangelicals Warn Against Romney

The Washington Times

Calm Over Cancer Scare


Again Offers Support for Offshore Drilling

The Washington Post

Backs Off His No-New-Tax Pledge

Associated Press

Backs Ban on Quotas

The Boston Globe


Plans a Hawaiian Break

The Washington Post

In ‘Serious’ Talks With Kaine

The Washington Post

Kaine ‘Very, Very High’ on VP Shortlist


Where’s the Bounce?

The New York Times

’It’s the Trust, Stupid’

The Hill

Says Odds of Winning Are Very Good


State of the Race

Obama-Clinton Ticket Is Seen as Unlikely

The New York Times

McCain Gains on Obama in Poll

USA Today

The Campaign Is All About Obama


Obama, McCain Shift Talk Back to Economic Issues

The Wall Street Journal

Campaign Ads Attack GOP Candidates for Oil Industry Ties

Los Angeles Times

GOP Ready to Link Obama to Reid, Pelosi


Bush Successor Faces Massive Debt

The Washington Times


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