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Around the Web: 2008

The latest on the candidates . . .


Camp Says Obama Is Playing ‘Race Card’

The New York Times

Accuses Obama of Playing ‘Race Card’

Los Angeles Times

Attack Ads Could Backfire, Voters and Experts Say


VP Talk Turns to 2 Female Conservatives

The Washington Times

His Curious Mind

The Washington Post


Kaine’s Versatile Appeal Gives Him a Shot to Run

The Wall Street Journal

Too Fit to Be President?

The Wall Street Journal

Risks Voter Ire by Opposing New Oil Drilling

Associated Press

Clinton Reportedly Choice as Keynote Speaker

The Boston Globe

Slams McCain Over Oil Company Tax Breaks

The Boston Globe

State of the Race

Race Moves to Center Stage

The Washington Post

Race Issue Moves to Center of Campaign


Attacks Are Order of the Day

USA Today

McCain, Obama Tilt Over Taxes

The Wall Street Journal

For Clinton Supporters, It’s a Gender Issue

Los Angeles Times

McCain, Obama Focus on Florida

The Ledger

Campaigns’ Iraq Stances Seem to Hit a Middle Ground

The Washington Post


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