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Around the Web: 2008

The latest on the candidates . . .


Ad Pushes His Independence, Reformer Status

USA Today

In Ad, Breaks With Bush

New York Sun

Goes Nuclear on Gas Prices


Did New York Couple Give $61,600?


Carly Fiorina Tests Her Political Mettle as Advisor

Los Angeles Times

Opposes Farm Policies Popular in Midwest

Associated Press


Pumped Up over Attack on His Energy Strategy

Los Angeles Times

New Positions on Offshore Drilling Worries Some


Stalls in Public Polling


Big Donors Are a Major Force in Campaign

The New York Times

Shows Hints of His Year in Global Finance

The Boston Globe

Muslim-Outreach Adviser Resigns

The Wall Street Journal

For Bayh, Shot No. 3 at No. 2 Spot

The Wall Street Journal

State of the Race

Energy Returns as Major Issue

The Washington Post

Dems Nervous as McCain Finds His Voice

The Hill

Growing Doubts Weaken Obama, Polls Show

The Washington Times

On Trail, a Push to Brand Foe, Self

The Boston Globe

Bundler Collects From Unlikely Donors

The Washington Post

Hillary Supporters Not Giving Up

Rocky Mountain News


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