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Around the Web: 2008

The latest on the candidates . . .


War Puts Focus on Hard Line on Russia

The New York Times

Learns His Lessons on No. 2 Picks

The Washington Times

Enthusiasm Gap Plagues GOP Convention


Targeted as D.C. ‘Celebrity’

The Boston Globe


Emerges to Talk About Georgia

The New York Times

In a Changing Corner of Pa., a Glimpse of Age Problem

The Washington Post

Indiana Senator Offers Risks and Rewards

The New York Times

Ossetia Fighting a Test

Chicago Sun-Times

State of the Race

McCain and Obama Condemn Conflict in Georgia

Los Angeles Times

In Candidates’ Approaches, Clear Contrast

The Boston Globe

In Midsummer, Spring Training for the Fall Race

The New York Times

Memos and E-Mail Reveal Discord in Clinton Campaign

The New York Times

Backers Want Clinton Nominated at Convention

San Francisco Chronicle

Longtime Republican Voters Are Airing New Views

Los Angeles Times

Voter Registration Is the New Battleground

The Wall Street Journal


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