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Around the Web: 2008

The latest on the candidates . . .


Assails Rev. Wright’s Remarks

Los Angeles Times

Playing by Her Own Set of Rules


Sheds Tough Image

The Washington Times

Gas-Tax Proposal Criticized

The Washington Post

Wright Uproar Boosts Confidence



Health Plan Could Mean Higher Tax

The New York Times Attacks in Ad Campaign

Associated Press

Slams Obama on Gas Tax

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Qualified, Senate Says

The New York Times


Loses Ground over Wright Issue

The News and Observer

Catches Up In Support From Hill

The Washington Post

Strikes Chord Urging Parents to Be More Responsible

The Wall Street Journal

Walks Fine Line in Quest for White Votes

The Boston Globe

Wants Pro-Clinton Group Investigated

Associated Press

State of the Race

Loss and Furor Take Toll on Obama, Poll Finds

The New York Times

Support for Republicans Falls, But Race for President is Tight

The Wall Street Journal

Obama, Clinton Woo Hoosiers

Chicago Sun-Times

Messages Get Lost in Shuffle of Long Campaign



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