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Around the Web: 2008

The latest on the candidates . . .


Exclusive: McCain to Name VP on Aug. 29


The Safety of Offshore Drilling

The Washington Post

In V.F.W. Speech, Attacks Obama on War

The New York Times

Nets $1.75 Million at Reed-Linked Event

The Boston Globe


Ready to Announce Running Mate

The New York Times

Who’s No. 2? Keeps Everybody Guessing

The Washington Post

Risking Pro-Life Backlash

The Washington Times

Tells Allies He Is Ready to Hit Back

The Washington Post

Vacation Over, in Fighting Form


State of the Race

The Lingering What-If Question: Clinton?

The New York Times

Amid V.P. Buzz, Biden Opines on Georgia, Pakistan

The Boston Globe

Candidates Hone Messages In Convention Run-Up

The Wall Street Journal

Storm’s Wind, Rain Upstage McCain, Obama Campaigns

Miami Herald

Candidates Got Advance Look at Questions

The Washington Post

Suburbs: New Shortcut to White House?

USA Today


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