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Around the Web: 2008

The latest on the candidates . . .


Conservatives Urge a Running Mate Who Opposes Abortion

Los Angeles TImes

The Silver Bullet

The Washington Post

Calls Lobbyists ‘Birds of Prey’


Unsure How Many Houses He Owns


Giuliani, Lieberman Will Speak at GOP Convention

The Washington Post

Exclusive: No Single-Term Pledge



On His Veep Thinking


Team Seeks Changes in Primaries

The Washington Post

Tours GOP-Leaning South

USA Today

Biden’s Emergence in VP Race Crystalizes Concerns

Assoicated Press

Pledges Alternative Energy Jobs

The Boston Globe

Courts Southside Virginia

The Washington Post

Rural Swath of Big State Tests

The New York Times

Clinton Creates ‘Whip Team’ to Quell Protests


State of the Race

McCain Closes Gap on Obama In Poll as Conventions Loom

The Wall Street Journal

Voters in Poll Want Priority to Be Economy, Their Top Issue

The New York Times

Bad News Should Wake Up Obama, Experts Say

San Francisco Chronicle

Independent Lieberman Upends Political World

The Boston Globe

Obama Spent More on Ads in July Than McCain Spent on Election



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