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Around the Web: 2008

The latest on the candidates . . .

Democratic Convention

Kennedy Hopes to Give Speech

The Boston Globe

Anxious Party Hopes to Show Strong Obama

The New York TImes

Dems Give Michigan and Florida Full Voting Rights

Associated Press

Clinton Drama Is the Subplot

The New York Sun

Michelle Obama Expected to Turn on the Charm

Los Angeles Times


When a Candidate’s Former Foe Becomes a Running Mate

The Boston Globe

Takes a Break While Obama Heads to Denver

Associated Press

Intrudes on Obama’s Convention Message

Associated Press

Clinton Rebuts Ad

The Boston Globe


Small College Awakened Future Senator to Service

The Boston Globe

Biden Camp Pressed Hard For a Slot on the Ticket

The Wall Street Journal

Experience Is Double-Edged Sword for The Ticket

The Washington Post

Tasks for Biden This Fall: Travel and Attack McCain

The New York Times

Praise of McCain Could Haunt Biden


State of the Race

Tensions Boil Between Obama-Clinton Camps


McCain-Romney? Dems Fear it Could Hurt in West

San Francisco Chronicle

Poll: More Than Half of Clinton Backers Still Not Sold on Obama

USA Today

Delegates for Clinton Back Obama, but Show Concerns

The New York Times


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